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Athletes Foot Treatment disease is persistently destroying nails and is highly infectious. It may be transmitted to others, and above all to the members of your family. Once a fungal infection starts, it never goes away until treated. Fungal infections are very persistent and may survive for months in fallen-off skin particles. At first fungal bacteria gets hold of skin and proliferates on the skin. Once the conditions are favorable, they attack a side of a nail. With time fungal infections affect a nail as a whole and move on the other nails or other areas of skin.

Remember that feet and hands may be infected either in direct contact with an infected individual, or via footwear, garments, or a variety of objects (sponges, manicure and pedicure instruments, bath and sauna rugs, etc.)

An infected individual leaves infected skin particles on the floor and in tubs while walking barefoot on rugs and mats in sauna, swimming pool, or a gym. They reach especially high concentration in soapy water. In such cases scales and of nail easily stick to wet skin, especially between toes. Fungal infections penetrate especially aggressively in case of minor skin injuries and lacerations, in case of increased sweatiness, or when skin is extremely dry. If the area between the toes stays wet it also promotes an infections, in case of increased sweatiness, or when skin is extremely dry. If the area between the toes stays wet it also promotes in infection. An excessively frequent washing has the same effect by weakening the so-called acid skin mantle and by over-drying skin.

Taking proper care of feet is very important for far more than solely cosmetic purposes.

It's just as important for prevention of a possible development of a variety of diseases. The upper layer of our skin scales off every thirty days and this skin material serves as an ideal media for proliferation of fungal infections.

At NYMREC we are offering two highly effective methods of treating fungal infections:

Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning of dead skin on your feet and the top layer of your nails, applying a cleansing an antifungal agent with unique ability of impact deep into the skin and nails and, finally, preventive measures with some agents that can be used at home. This course of treatment helps getting rid of fungi in 90% of cases(resalts may vary,based on each individual case). It is worth mentioning that the described methodology not only treats the fungal diseases but also puts the whole body into balance in general. It is no secret that the main factor favoring the spread of fungal infection is impaired immune system. We also recommend Fungusin oil for external use. After cleansing the surface layer of your foot skin, we use the ionic Ions are moving in your body attaching themselves to various substances, which leads to ionic detoxification foot bath of the lymphatic system of the subcutis of the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, lungs and joints. Using Fungusin after ionic cleansing will be much more effective. After ionic detoxification foot bath the affected skin areas will be treated manually. NYMREC can be rightfully considered a clinic of foot hygiene. Here your feet will be professionally treated and cured. And remember that your feet are not like an old car, which can be sold in order to buy a new one. They are a luxury given by nature and we must save them!

Also we are offering you laser wart treatment.