Chiroplastic Massage

CHIROPLASTIC Facial Massage is an absolutely unique technique of deep impact on tissues, carried out by hands and correcting age-related changes in the face. The technique increases skin elasticity and builds clear face contours and shape. It allows you to achieve an amazing lifting effect and is designed for face, neck, and upper chest area. This method is recommended primarily for women and men after 40 whose skin has already felt the impacts of aging. This type of massage has a positive effect on skin color, removes edema and smoothes both deep and fine wrinkles. The procedure helps to relax cervical and facial muscles, as well as the complete relaxation of the whole body. After a session you will feel recharged and your mood will significantly improve.

Chiroplastic Massage


  • Facial skin gets tighter.
  • Wrinkle reduction.
  • Corners of the lips acquire correct position.
  • Wrinkles around the eyes get minimized
  • The contour and shape of the face are leveled, double chin decreases.
  • Blood circulation and skin color get improved.
  • Facial muscles get strengthened.

Chiroplastic Massage


  • The presence of visible problems on the skin:damage,acne,dermatitis, other skin diseases.
  • Recent face peeling, injections of botox, fillers, thread lift or surgical intervention.
  • Significant number of Papillomas.
  • Herpes active sores.

  • Rosacea, Couperose(fragility of blood vessels).
  • Unstable blood pressure.
  • Trigeminal nerve inflammation
  • Inflammation or Swelling of lymph nodes, Cancer.
  • Epilepshy.
  • Respiratory(cold, flu)

Chiroplastic Facial Massage

It is not recommended to carry out chiroplastic facial massage: women/men under 40 years of age. Only if there are real age related skin problems. If you set a goal to reshape your face and achieve maximum effect, you should plan a course of 10-15 massage sessions. The exact number of visits to a salon is determined in accordance with skin condition and age. You could see some noticeable results after a first visit. Chiroplastic Facial Massage is performed 1-2 times per week. One session includes face cleaning, massage and mask, and lasts about an hour and a half. Recommended for men and women after 40 years old. Skin Care: Cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition should be regularly applied to the skin in between massage sessions. .3 By combining or alternating Chiroplastic massage and other types of massage, more substantial results can be achieved.