Facial Massage

Remodeling Massage

Age-related skin changes are a harsh reality that every person faces sooner or later. The appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, changes in face shape – these are just some of the examples of what aging brings to skin. The desire to slow down this process, preserve skin freshness and youthfulness is natural. Beauty industry has many ways to slow down aging and prolong youthfulness. Most of them involve violation of skin integrity, which in itself is quite risky. Deep tissue face massage is an alternative to invasive interventions - a technique that has an impact not only on skin but also face muscles by the means of manual manipulations. Various massage techniques are aimed at improving blood circulation, accelerating metabolism, increasing skin turgor, smoothing wrinkles. Noticeable changes in skin condition begin after 27-30 years of age as a result of many factors: stress, constant lack of sleep, malnutrition, exposure to sun and other. Skin cells begin to divide less actively, collagen production decreases, tissue renewal slows down. As a result, small facial wrinkles, deep creases, puffiness, circles under the eyes appear on a face. Face contour loses its definition , skin begins to sag, nasolabial folds start to be more vivid. Our face has its own world. Over 100 muscles and many cranial bones are responsible for its unique appearance. Facial muscles are attached to the bones of a skull to perform important daily functions including mastication and facial expressions. All muscles shorten with age, thus worsening face appearance, but each type (Facial expression muscles ,Mastication muscles) does it differently. Facial expression muscles: As they get smaller they pull skin along. As a result, skin sags as it loses its ability to resist this process with age. Wrinkles around a mouth, eyes, on forehead, nose, nasolabial folds - all these are consequences of facial muscle deformities. Chewing muscles : When they weaken, the face gets out of shape, chin line changes, face contour loses its clarity . The overall head proportions change. Unfortunately, all these changes alter person appearance and make it worse. However, age-related changes can be minimized by delaying skin aging for many years.

  • Remodeling Facial Massage

    The main difference between this technique and conventional massage is the effect on the skin and on the tissues located between the muscles. More precisely, on the connective tissue - fascia.
  • Chiroplastic Facial Massage

    CHIROPLASTIC Facial Massage is an absolutely unique technique of deep impact on tissues, carried out by hands and correcting age-related changes in the face. The technique increases skin elasticity and builds clear face contours and shape.
  • Buccaplus Facial Massage

    BUCCAPLUS Facial Massage is an effective procedure that is like a “fitness” for facial muscle tissue. It gets worked by applying pressure. Muscles are massaged on each side of the face - from the outside and inside with the fingers of an esthetician. This type of massage cannot be called ordinary, and some clients call it extravagant or extraordinary..