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We can do permanent ingrown toenail treatment in Toronto & GTA with just one visit. The most effective and least invasive treatment of an ingrown toenail is laser correction using a gentle infrared beam and CO2 laser. The laser beam vaporizes only the ingrown part of the toenail and those growing cells. This laser correction prevents this part of the toenail to from growing back.

An ingrown toenail treatment (onychocryp-tosis) occurs when part of the nail penetrates the skin. Ingrown toenail treatment often leads to infection. The ingrown toenail may apply pressure in the nail fold area without actually penetrating the skin this is not technically an ingrown toenail, but can nonetheless be painful. A corn/callus commonly found down the side of the nail is a reaction to the pressure, applied on the nail fold rather than actual penetration of the skin by the nail.

Pain is the main symptom of any ingrown toenail treatment usually just starting as some minor discomfort. The most of ingrown toenail infections are a simple foreign body reaction and resemble the response that the skin has to a splinter or a piece of glass. As the toenail irritates the skin adjacent to the nail (periungual folds), it causes a low grade foreign body reaction and soft tissue infection. The toe will then be red, inflamed, and painful.

Depending on the severity of the growth, we can perform conservative trimming or more aggressive ingrown toenail treatment. If the entire toenail is affected or there is severe nail deformity, of the nail plate and matrix (the cells that grow the nail) may be completely removed. Whatever you do, do not perform your own ingrown toenail surgery at home, which can lead to greater risk of infection.

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