Benefits of the FOX Diode Laser

  • Ingrown toenail treatmentThe procedure is safe
  • Wart treatmentNo anesthesia is required
  • Laser toenail fungus treatmentThere are no side effects
  • toenail fungus treatmentThere is no visible harm to the treated nail or adjacent skin
  • Athletes foot treatmentSocks and shoes can be worn immediately after the procedure
  • Fungal Infection TreatmentThere is no recovery period following the procedure
  • Fungal Infection TreatmentApproved by health Canada

The FOX Diode Laser

During the laser treatment, a laser beam will be slowly directed across the nail bed. The energy of the laser beam is absorbed by the underlying fungal colony. This denaturalizes the enzyme within the fungus which impairs its growth. You will feel a warm sensation during the procedure.

How soon will it clear the nail?

3 sessions is generally sufficient to ensure results. You will not see an immediate clear result. As the nail resumes healthy growth, they grow in clear. Nails grow slowly so you may not see a significant improvement for several months, but you should see a gradual growth of clear nail.

Is there clinical evidence to prove that laser treatment really cures toenail fungus?

There is significant clinical evidence to prove beyond any doubt that laser treatment dramatically improves the condition of even a severely infected toenail. As an example, in a recent study conducted on 72 patients over 3 months, follow-up showed that over 90% of the patients were cleared of all fungal infections.

What are the benefits of using laser treatment over drug treatment?

Oral antifungal medications are toxic, and may cause serious medical complications. As a result, patients that are taking these medications are asked to have routine blood tests to make sure their liver is not damaged during the treatment.

A laser treatment is completely drug free, meaning it does not impose all the health risks associated with the oral antifungal medications. There are no adverse reactions, injuries, or known side effects from use of lasers to treat a toenail fungus infection.