Callus Treatment

Foot Callus Treatment | Callus Removal | Calluses Treatment | Toronto, ON

A callus is an unhealthy thickening of the skin which most often appears on the hands when working physically without gloves and on the feet when wearing uncomfortable shoes.

There are two distinct types; wet calluses and dry calluses. Blood appears in the places of wet calluses and fluid accumulates over time as a result of tissue damage. With time wet calluses can transform into dry calluses with a very deep “root” or “pivot”. Calluses are very painful upon pressing. Blisters and abscess can form underneath calluses.

Often calluses are the result of wearing uncomfortable shoes for a prolonged period. When shoes exert pressure on a callus, they press on the sensitive tissues causing pain. Old calluses are the ones which bring the most suffering. Some calluses can form hardening on the foot under the bone leading to acute pain with every step.