Advantages of Advanced Pedicure

Medical Pedicure Toronto | Foot Treatment | Toronto Fungus ClinicThe main distinguishing feature of an advanced pedicure is complete exclusion of water application during the foot treatment. Before the procedure, feet are not immersed in water as in a classic pedicure. Feet are treated with a disinfectant solution. Special softening compounds are applied which “perceives” only dead parts and affects them directly. It helps the pedicurist to remove only horn skin avoiding living tissues from damaging.

This type of pedicure presumes that each centimeter of foot is treated by the machine with different nozzles. All nozzles used in treatment are either disposable or sterilized utilizing the same technology as is used in sterilization of dental equipment. Advanced pedicures substantially reduce the probability of cuts and injures and do not use water thus guaranteeing the non-proliferation of fungus diseases.

Advantages of an Advanced Pedicure

  • 1) The main and indisputable advantage of an advanced pedicure is its safety and hygienic purity. Moreover, the machine’s specialized nozzles in various sizes allow treatment of the tightest area of foot – interdigital space, periungual roller area, and fingertips.
  • 2) The feet are not steamed out in water, but are treated with a special softener for horn parts, which allow the pedicurist to remove only a coarsening layer sparing sound skin.
  • 3) Grinding nozzles of the machine cause no discomfort during the procedure.
  • Medical Pedicure Toronto | Foot Treatment | Toronto Fungus Clinic
  • 4) Advanced pedicures are the best way to treat patients suffering from diabetes. This serious illness causes blood circulation loss which decreases foot sensitivity threshold (both pain and temperature). Therefore, there is a high risk to be injured by a classic pedicure, especially if performed at home. An advanced pedicure completely excludes such risk. Moreover, the pedicurist will recommend appropriate treatments for diabetic feet.
  • 5) An advanced pedicure perfectly shows itself to resolve such problem as ingrown nail, calluses and thickening of nail plate.